Interfacing Oxides



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abstract Gambardella, A; Prezioso, M; Cavallini, M.
Tunnel conductivity switching in a single nanoparticle-based nano floating gate memory
Accepted by Scientific Reports (2014),
abstract Gambardella, A. ; Graziosi, P; Bergenti, I.; Prezioso, M.; Pullini, D.; Milita, S.; Biscarini, F.; Dediu, V.A.
Nanoscale Surface Structures of Manganite Films
Submitted to Scientific Reports (2014),
abstract Foerster, M.; Peña, L.; Vaz, C. A. F.; Heinen, J.; Finizio, S.; Schulz, T.; Bisig, A.; Büttner, F.; Eisebitt, S.; Méchin, L.; Hühn, S.; Moshnyaga, V.; Kläui, M.
Efficient spin transfer torque in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 nanostructures
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 104 (2014), 072410
abstract V. Moshnyaga, A. Belenchuk, S. Hühn, C. Kalkert, M. Jungbauer, O. I. Lebedev, S. Merten, K.-Y. Choi, P. Lemmens, B. Damaschke, K. Samwer
Intrinsic antiferromagnetic coupling underlies colossal magnetoresistance effect: Role of correlated polarons
Phys. Rev. B 89 (2014), 024420
abstract Kurt, H.;Rode, K.; Stamenov, P.; Venkatesan, M.;Lau, Y.-C.; Fonda, E.; Coey, J.M.D.
Cubic Mn 2 Ga Thin Films: Crossing the Spin Gap with Ruthenium
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014), 027201
no abstract available Jungbauer, M. Hühn, S. Egoavil, R. Tan, H. Verbeeck, J. Van Tendeloo, G. Moshnyaga, V.
Atomic layer epitaxy of Ruddlesden-Popper SrO(SrTiO3)n films by means of metalorganic aerosol deposition
Appl. Phys. Lett. 105 (2014), 251603
no abstract available J. S. Lamas, W. P. Leroy, Y.-G. Lu, J. Verbeeck, G. Van Tendeloo, and D. Depla
Using the macroscopic scale to predict the nano-scale behavior of YSZ thin films
Surf. Coatings Technol. 238 (2014), 45
no abstract available D. Samal, H. Tan, Y. Takamura, W. Siemons, J. Verbeeck, G. Van Tendeloo, E. Arenholz, C. a. Jenkins, G. Rijnders, and G. Koster
Direct structural and spectroscopic investigation of ultrathin films of tetragonal CuO: Six-fold coordinated copper
Europhysics Lett. 105 (2014), 17003
no abstract available R. Egoavil, N. Gauquelin, G. T. Martinez, S. Van Aert, G. Van Tendeloo, and J. Verbeeck
Atomic resolution mapping of phonon excitations in STEM-EELS experiments.
Ultramicroscopy 147 (2014), 1
no abstract available H. Tian, J. Verbeeck, S. Brück, M. Paul, D. Kufer, M. Sing, R. Claessen, and G. Van Tendeloo
Interface-induced modulation of charge and polarization in thin film Fe(3)O(4).
Adv. Mater. 26 (2014), 461
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