Interfacing Oxides



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abstract Deniz, H.; Bhatnagar, A.; Pippel, E.; Hillebrand, R.; Hähnel, A.; Alexe, M.; Hesse, D.
Nanoscale Bi2FeO6-x precipitates in BiFeO3 thin films: A metastable Aurivillius phase
Journal of Materials Science 49 (2014), 6952-6960
abstract Finizio, S.; Foerster, M.; Krüger, B.; Vaz, C. A. F.; Miyawaki, T.; Mawass, M. A.; Peña, L.; Méchin, L.; Hühn, S.; Moshnyaga, V.; Büttner, V.; Bisig, A.; Le Guyader, L.; El Moussaoui, L.; Valencia, S.; Kronast, F.; Eisebitt, S.; Kläui, M.
Domain wall transformations and hopping in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 nanostructures imaged with high resolution x-ray magnetic microscopy
Journal of Physics: Condensed MatterEmail alert RSS feed 26 (2014), 456003
abstract Preziosi, D.; Fina, I.; Pippel, E.; Hesse, D.; Marti, X.; Bern, F.; Ziese, M.; Alexe, M.
Tailoring the interfacial magnetic anisotropy in multiferroic field-effect devices
Physical Review B 90 (2014), 125155/1-6.
abstract Hillebrand, R; Pippel, E.; Vrejoiu, I.; Hesse, D.
Interfacial intermixing in SrRuO3/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 epitaxial superlattices: A HAADF-STEM study
Phys. Status Solidi A 211 (2014), 536-542
abstract Jungbauer, M.; Hühn, S.; Krisponeit, J.-O.; and Moshnyaga, V.
Visible range colossal magnetorefractive effect in (La1 − yPry)2/3Ca1/3MnO3 films
New Journal of Physics volume 16 (2014), 063304
abstract O'Shea, K. J.; Bova, K.; McGrouther, D.; MacLaren, D. A.
Investigating the effect of a stress-based uniaxial anisotropy on the magnetic behaviour of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 elements
EPJ Web of Conferences 75 (2014), 05017
abstract O’Shea, K. J.; McGrouther, D.; Ferguson, C.A.; Jungbauer, M.; Hühn, S.; Moshnyaga, V.; MacLaren, D.A.
Fabrication of high quality plan-view TEM specimens using the focused ion beam
Micron 66 (2014), 9-15
abstract Poggini, L.; Ninova, S.; Graziosi, P.; Mannini, M.; Lanzilotto, V.; Cortigiani, B.; Malavolti, L.; Borgatti, F.; Bardi, U.; Totti, F.; Bergenti, I.; Dediu, V.A.; Sessoli, R.
A Combined Ion Scattering, Photoemission, and DFT Investigation on the Termination Layer of a La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Spin Injecting Electrode
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2014), 13631–13637
abstract Wahler, M.; Büttner, B.; Blaschek, H.-H.; Homonnay, N.; Wid, O.; O’Shea, K. J.; McGrouther, D.; MacLaren, D. A.; Schmidt, G.
Controlling magnetic anisotropy in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 nanostructures
Applied Physics Letters 104 (2014), 052408
abstract Shao, Q.; Ku, P.S.; Wang, X.L.; Cheng, W.F.; Zapien, J.A.; Leung, C.W.; Borgatti, F.; Gambardella, A.; Dediu, V.; Ciprian, R.; Ruotolo A.
Chemical states and ferromagnetism in heavily Mn-substituted Zinc Oxide thin films
submitted to the Journal of Applied Physics (2014),
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