Interfacing Oxides



Borgatti, F.; Torelli, P.; Panaccione, G.
Hard X-ray PhotoElectron Spectroscopy of transition metal oxides:Bulk compounds and device-ready metal-oxide interfaces
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena - In press (2015),

Photoelectron spectroscopy is one of the most powerful tool to unravel the electronic structure of stronglycorrelated materials also thanks to the extremely large dynamic range in energy, coupled to high energyresolution that this form of spectroscopy covers. The kinetic energy range typically used for photoelectronexperiments corresponds often to a strong surface sensitivity, and this turns out to be a disadvantage forthe study of transition metal oxides, systems where structural and electronic reconstruction, differentoxidation state, and electronic correlation may significantly vary at the surface. We report here selectedHard X-ray PhotoElectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) results from transition metal oxides, and from buriedinterfaces, where we highlight some of the important features that such bulk sensitive technique bringsin the analysis of electronic properties of the solids.


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